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Best Canon Video Picture Style

The Only Picture Style You Need…

The Shutter Down Pancake Picture style is all about the perfect mix of fluffed up flatness…like your mom’s famous pancakes, it’s a tasty mix of buttery goodness that doesn’t destroy skin tones

After trying all of the leading picture styles for canon dSLRs, we’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes it’s best to do things yourself. We found the Superflat to wash things out too much, the Marvel Cine-Gamma is awesome but introduces a lot of noise when underexposed, and some of the others are too application-specific.

We set out with one goal – A single Canon Picture Style that works well in low light, in daylight, doesn’t enhance underexposed or high ISO noise, and opens up dynamic range to nearly match a RED ONE. We still aren’t sure if it’s possible, but we did come pretty darn close…

We have compiled this Picture Style for download. You can add the Picture Style to the camera’s “User Defined Styles” memory by using the Eos Utility. Don’t worry – Tone, Contrast, Sharpness, and Saturation can still all be changed to your liking… Enjoy!

  • Download the Picture Style file to your computer (on our downloads page):Shutter Down Pancake Picture Style(updated Nov19 2011)
  • Unzip the archive
  • Connect the camera through USB turn it on in “M” Mode
  • Start EOS Utility and choose “Camera settings/Remote shooting”
  • In the middle of the control screen, click “Register User Defined style”
  • Select User Def. 1, 2 or 3 at the top of the new page and click the button with the Open File icon
  • Select the ShutterDownPancake.pf2 file
  • Click on OK
  • Close the EOS Utility and turn off the camera before disconnecting.
  • The Style is now available on the camera through the menu > picture styles
  • To load into Movie Mode, you must switch camera to “Movie”, select picture styles > choose User Def.1, 2, or 3 and hit “DISP.” – In the top of the screen you will see the style and can scroll down to the desired style and select it. It is now set as the USER Defined Style you chose (1, 2, or 3).
  • Go film and give us some feedback!

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    Very Nice website. I built mine and i was looking for some ideas and you gave me a few. May i ask you whether you developed the website by youself?

    Thank you


      It was based off of a template, and modified tirelessly. Still very much a social work in progress. We only hope to keep growing. Thanks for the kind words…glad you like it.


    I have been using your picture style recently and like it a lot. I use it with sharpness at 1, contrast at -2, and saturation at -3. It seems to give me lots of latitude and grades well in post, while retaining pleasing colors. Also, I have noticed less aliasing with this picture style (in fact I haven’t really seen any lately). Thanks for creating this!


      Thanks Frank – The baseline I’m using for the next version is slightly less contrasty and starts at saturation -2, so I think you’re headed in the same direction as me! I’m glad you’re enjoying it… and I didn’t want to say anything about the aliasing, but I’ve been surprised myself considering the problems I’ve had from the camera using other styles…


    For the life of me, I cannot log in or retrieve my password from your blog.



    May I distribute this picture style to others?


      I am ok with it as long as you include a do-follow link and credits to – please use the anchor text “shutter down canon picture style” if possible.


    Thanks for this! It really works well in a lot of situations! Has the detailing been taken down at all or do the sharpness settings still match up with the canon defaults – ie if the sharpness on your style is set to zero, how does that compare to say canons neutral set to zero? I usually have it pretty soft but this appears a bit softer with the same settings if you see what I mean


      Detail hasn’t been adjusted, although sharpening has been set below zero. It should be as sharp as other styles at the same setting – I designed this to compliment the sharpening I use in post though. Glad you like it – feel free to post links to any videos you shot with the style!


    I realize this is a movie picture style, but do you think it would work as a photo picture style as well? I like the buttery skin tones you’re achieving.


      It works surprisingly well for photos, but find that I can do almost anything in post anyways. Be on the lookout for the Lightroom Preset packs we’re releasing soon!


    With respect to using the EOS Utility version the instructions were not exact at the point where it states “In the middle of the control screen, click “Register User Defined style”. this could use some refinement / clarification. The tests done on a 7D were rather impressive using AWB and any indoor light – great job on this PF2 file vs. Portrait built in with Canon. My only recommendation would be to not to use this setting with Built In Flash as skin tonal quality had a “red sun burn look”. I have not tested this however with the 580 EXII flash as of yet. Thank you for this template.

      ShutterDown Admin

      Thanks for the input. This was developed to be more of a video style, as the compression limits what you can do in post. My recommendation for photo processing if you use the style is natural light due to the color balance issues you noted with some strobes. Keep your eyes open for our upcoming LR3 presets though, as many of them were designed to stack qualities on import that work best with this picture style.


    i have some questions, is this picture style suitable for those who wish to get away without much post grading? As in, what our eyes see is being capture through this picture style? or there’s some tweaking that we still need?


    I have registered and Liked on Facebook, but I cannot download the profile.


    Tried to download the Shutter Down Pancake Semi-Flat Picture Style but it looks like I’m clicking in cirles, no ZIp file to download. No more available?



    Got the zip file downloaded but unzipping keeps saying it is corrupt!


    The “…” comes up as “Page not found”


    Page not found…

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